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Beaver Creek Gardens

Your Local Food Connection

Beaver Creek Gardens since 2009

Our mission is to produce locally grown healthy food for local consumption while reducing our carbon footprint.  We harvest our own seeds, grow our inputs, and do everything possible to cycle what our partner, Mother Nature, gives us. We have been providing food locally since 1999.  We use many heirloom varieties and only organically approved pest and weed management systems.  2020 marked many changes in our activities and our location.

This year, all our activities will be centered at the Somers Farm and Prairie in Northeast Kenosha County, WI. We offer 3 pathways to be a part of Beaver Creek Gardens in 2024. Simply sign up for 9 or 18 weeks. We offer two sizes 1/2 or 3/4 bushel boxes of fruits and vegetables between late June and October. Subscribe Now. Or, join our effort by signing up as a preferred customer and you will get the weekly newsletter with a list of available items for purchase. We opened an on-farm store in 2021 and will keep you posted on the hours and dates. Our Worker share Program for 2024 is filled but we will put names on a waiting list to learn and work for your box.  For more information on all programs, please visit the  CSA Sign-up now page or contact Cheri Doetch at 815-494-1251,

Due to safety concerns, we will adhere to all guidelines for social distancing and other measures to reduce the spread of COVID 19. We are hopeful that this will be a non-issue for 2024, but as of the date of this, Covid is still out there. We understand there is a high interest in both food safety and food sovereignty. We have modified all programs to address becoming better connected with your food.


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