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Beaver Creek Gardens

Your Local Food Connection

Beaver Creek Gardens since 2009

Our mission is to produce locally grown healthy food for local consumption reducing our carbon footprint.  We harvest our own seeds, grow our inputs and do everything possible to cycle what our partner, Mother Nature, gives us. We have been providing food locally since 1999.  We use many heirloom varieties and only organically approved pest and weed management systems.  Feel free to visit our farm to see how, where and who your food comes from.


We have moved our production to the Kenosha area and will be producing vegetables for a summer on farm sale in both Kenosha and Poplar Grove with dates to be announced.


We will have an intern program at the Kenosha site that will include a subscription of seasonal vegetables.


We also offer a Spring sale of plants for your summer gardens at the Poplar Grove location.