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Beaver Creek Gardens

Your Local Food Connection

Beaver Creek Gardens since 2009

Our mission is to produce locally grown healthy food for local consumption reducing our carbon footprint.  We harvest our own seeds, grow our inputs and do everything possible to cycle what our partner, Mother Nature, gives us. We have been providing food locally since 1999.  We use many heirloom varieties and only organically approved pest and weed management systems.  Feel free to visit our farm to see how, where and who your food comes from.


We are limiting our subscriber base this year so that we are able to provide excellent quality control in our boxes. We have replaced the box pack out with a come and select your products program and will continue to use waxed returnable boxes. You will be able to customize your box yourself this year!  We grow over 50 varieties of vegetables and fruit for the season with each season just a little different from the last.  We continue to add new varieties each season. And this year with the implementation of the on farm shopping experience, flowers will be included with your membership as available. We may not have them every week, but we will have them most weeks as I will be increasing the flowers in the field!


We offer a 9 and 18 week subscriptions of seasonal fruits and vegetables through our CSA (Communty Supported Agriculture).  We have on-farm pick-up only. Prices range from $200 to $550 for individual to full subscriptions. We will have an on site store available during the season on Friday and Saturday to shop for additional items.


We also offer and Spring Fling sale of plants for your summer gardens and a harvest/customer appreciation day in the fall.


We do have a Worker Share program where you will be able to work four hours per week for your box while learning how to grow, harvest and store vegetables.  We have an excellent return ratio of workers that thoroughly enjoy spending time in the country learning to grow food, but please feel free to call and inquire as to the availability of openings for workers.