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Beaver Creek Gardens

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Sign-Up for CSA Subscription or worker share program

 We have increased our Worker shares for 2024 and added a half dozen to our current group. If you are interested in working for a CSA box in 2025, please contact Cheri Doetch at 815-494-1251.

To pay for your yearly membership subscription, you can either mail a check, made out to Oatlink, INC (dba Beaver Creek Gardens) to 16000B 38th Street, Kenosha, WI 53144.  We also accept Pay Pal and there is a link for you on this page. If you are not familiar with Pay Pal, simply choose the box you would like and hit the buy it now.  You will go to the Oatlink Pay Pal site and on the lower right side you can send with a debit card, credit card or pay pal account.  You are not required to have a Pay Pal account and there is no charge for this service.  With a few simple clicks, you can transfer the amount to Beaver Creek Gardens.

If you find that a lump sum payment is more than your monthly budget can bear, please give us a call.  We will work out a payment plan for you so that you can pay in comfortable 2 to 3 monthly payments.  This option is available to all through March 31st. Our mission is to make sure that anyone can afford to eat better.  

CSA Agreement

CSA agreement needs to be downloaded, signed and returned with your payment or PayPal.  If you would simply like to receive a newsletter and keep up to date with an on store start up and events, please email Cheri Doetch directly at